Research in Construction

The construction industry has apparently made a 180-degree turn in modern times: today we have green technology, green building trends and eco-friendly construction trends. CIU's research in construction is mainly on green building and eco-friendly construction technology. Seismic/earthquake withstanding technology research is our secondary research. On the construction machinery, CIU is currently undertaking research on total construction automation technology capability. Machines and robots can replace cheap unskilled as well as skilled labor and manpower have to be lower and economical. There are many other benefits if the construction sector can be fully automated such as immigrant labour issues and safety as well as economic issues which can be eliminated. Once we successfully automate the construction sector fully than this same methodology and technology principles can be applied to other labour intensive sectors. As a result labours & skilled manpower individuals have to develop their human capital capability and join the human capital intensive job market. Currently many sectors are half to three quarters automated.