Research in Defense

CIU's primary focus in defense research is threat sensing and suppression technology research. Security is the key essence for humanity to move and do whatever an individual wishes to do. Rogues continue to persist globally. Terrorists pose a major threat to harmonious people globally. Developed nations continue to develop sophisticated weapons and participate in the terror games globally. Rogue nations continue to pose a major threat to weaker nations. There seems to be no proper ideal or conscience due to an affluent way of life. Life goes on with a mixture of threats in affluent society. We realize all this and as a result our emphasis is primarily on sensing technology research. CIU's secondary research activity in defense is in advanced defense equipment development technology research. No one can change this world, life will continue to evolve and diminish with birth and death with the presence of threats continually. It is self-realization of individuals and nations which can minimize threat and encompass greater security as a whole.