Research in Energy & Environment

Energy forms the key essence to all human activities on earth. Without energy life cannot exist and we simply cannot move and live in a civilized manner. Likewise the environment we live plays the prime factor for continuity of human life on earth. CIU's primary research in energy envisages renewable energy source such as solar, wind and wave/tidal energy. Solar, wind and wave/tidal are non-depletable energy and continually can be renewed. Current technology in acquiring solar, wind and wave/tidal energy can be further refined and advanced to make energy available to the consumer and industries at much lower costs than the current costs of energy. Research in alternative energy sources are also CIU's current primary scope. With accelerated enhancement of energy-saving devices energy no longer needs to be wasted. Technology today and in the future will make energy non-depletable and its use highly efficient. Research towards advanced alternative energy sources are CIU's secondary scope in energy research. In the environment research area CIU's primary activity is in sustainable environment research. Apart from human activities the environment is also subject to normal as well as abnormal natural forces which are beyond man's control. This is the subject of CIU's secondary research scope.