Research in Food & Beverage

Food & Beverage forms the nucleus to humanity's existence & continuity on earth. Without food & beverage humanity cannot continue to survive and exist on earth. Food & Beverage forms the staple supplement of nutrients for human beings to nourish, survive and reproduce to form continuity in human existence, otherwise also known as life cycle continuity infinitely. Primary CIU focus in food & beverage research is to ensure correct amount of essential nutrients present. Secondary focus is to identify the impact on health caused by a particular food & beverage. Nutrients intake in excessive or lack of nutrients, either way is harmful for proper functioning of the human body. Thus, our emphasis it to regulate the required level of nutrients in food & beverage and disclose the health impact if the amount of nutrients in a particular food & beverage is lagging or leading. Controlled intake of food & beverage is always recommended to avoid serious health impact.