Research in Banking

Primarily banking is concerned with economics, fixed income, currencies, equities and commodities. Timely reports of all activities in all the above subject matter is the utmost important aspect of the banking sector. CIU does not conduct research in the above subject matters. CIU's primary research in banking sector is in technology to support real time access to information and data on all the above subject matters highlighted above. Banking is an intangible sector where its products are directly depend on market sentiments. Markets are very volatile and keeps changing in seconds. Although the current state of technology in banking sector is very high but financial turmoil continue to persist. Our aim is to refine technology to exclusivity to exhaust all avenues to prevent financial turmoil or mishaps in banking. As we cannot change the way of life but we can prevent turmoil by capitalizing on advanced process, methodologies using the right technology. Technology is not only the way to prevent mishaps in banking but also is a way how we want the banks to operate.