Columbus International University

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School of Liberal Arts, Creative Technologies & Science

Offers Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science Degree Programs in the following disciplines:

  1. BS Behavioral Science
  2. BA Education
  3. BA Applied Education
  4. BA Mass Communication
  5. BA Mass Communication and Public Relations
  6. BS Computing
  7. BS Computer Science
  8. BS Information Technology
  9. BS Artificial Intelligence and Robotics
  10. BS Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence
  11. BS Computer Science and Robotics
  12. BS Computer Science and Software Engineering
  13. BS Telecommunications and Networking
  14. BS Computing & Networks
  15. BS Network Management
  16. BA Computer Arts
  17. BS Computer Games Technology
  18. BS Smart Systems
  19. BS Web Design & Development
  20. BS Computer Security and Forensics