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We have been conducting the traditional distance learning programs since 1997 and at the same time were conducting extensive research in online higher education programs for all levels of working professionals, executives and mature students worldwide. Today, in 2015, after one and a half decades of extensive research, we have developed 100% online higher education programs which are very practical in nature and we are extremely proud of the high levels of satisfaction expressed by the participating students worldwide and of their career achievements in their lives. Our students are all mature students who are junior-level professionals and executives, middle-level professionals and executives and senior-level professionals and executives.

Today we believe passionately in Online Higher Education and our new approach opens up new venues and opportunities for all levels of busy professionals and executives to further enhance their career and prosper in their life.The core in all our programs is the belief that they should be practical and relevant to every mature student’s needs. Our faculty and support staffs are dedicated to helping every student through every stage of their route in completing their programs of study successfully and graduating.In the 21st century, online higher education is the most intelligent way to earn your degree and to advance in your career and prosper in life.

Our belief: Prosperity begins with knowledge and proper knowledge comes from higher education

MBA’s/Masters Promotion

we offer the above Masters Programs for a discounted tuition fee of US$3,000.00 (RM12,000.00) per Master Program (our usual standard tuition fee is US$8,950.00) now for a limited period of time.

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