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We thank you for your keen interest in visiting the Columbus International University (CIU) online higher education campus site and we shall take this opportunity to explain thoroughly about CIU to you. After browsing through this site, we hope that you will be favorably impressed and we look forward to hearing from you. Please contact us if you have further queries, otherwise you may just register online if you meet our admission criteria. The Columbus International University sees higher education differently. We are fast but thorough, skilled but uncomplicated and established but imaginative. The Columbus International University online higher education campus is a dynamic and growing online higher education group strategically focused on three niche segments on a global basis: business & management, engineering & applied science and liberal arts, creative technologies & science. We also offer a wide range of tailored programs in the above three niche segments including other undergraduate and graduate open programs. We’re ciuohecampus, we’re different from our peers. Ciuohecampus: smart higher education – one of a kind method.

Primarily, CIU is a visionary 100% online higher education provider which focuses on preparing graduates for careers in business & management, engineering & applied science, liberal arts, creative technologies & science, and open programs. Secondarily, CIU develops any program that a student may wish to pursue but CIU is not offering, excluding some with restriction e.g. medicine, law, etc. through its school of open programs & graduate school of open programs. CIU is pleased to be among the very few to offer 100% online higher education programs to working professionals, executives and mature students in the 21st century. All CIU programs are intensive, fast-paced (accelerated) degree programs and are best suited for working professionals, executives and mature students already working in the field of their study, however, serious students who wish to jump-start a new career may also find our programs valuable to them.

Now, you can earn your degree during your free time without leaving your job or attending classes at your own convenience for career advancement and a better future. You will receive our assistance all the way, although you perform your studies independently. Our faculty and support staffs will provide help and guidance every step of the way once you have paid the tuition. All CIU degree programs are designed for working professionals, executives and mature students who are at least 24 years old and with work experience.

You do not learn what you already know, in other words we do not teach what you already have learned or already know. In addition to recognizing prior learning, as a working professional, executive and mature student with a profession, we analyze and build on your present knowledge and career achievements with higher levels of knowledge. Working professionals, executives and mature students with substantial career experience often acquire their fundamental knowledge in their field of profession without formal academic attendance and training. We encourage a fresh approach to attain academic enrichment and effectiveness by exposing to the recent developments and trends in their field of study. Mastery of course/program matter is proven by research, analysis, synthesis, discrimination, logical & reasoned thinking and judgment leading to reports, thesis and dissertation rather than through exams.

You can earn your degree in one year because we give academic credits for your work experience, course related seminars, workshops and forums attended and other work related training attended. You can study when you want and from anywhere in the world, while you keep your employment, enjoy your family and friends and join the successful graduates of CIU worldwide. Today the internet has created a totally new methodology to higher education delivery. E-learning is transforming the way we acquire and apply advanced knowledge in every discipline today to a deeper and greater path. The CIU e-learning paradigm has been well researched, tested and proven to be reliable and successful since the beginning of the 21st century. Ciuohecampus connects working professionals, executives and mature students with the passion to perform, the passion for personal growth and the passion to prosper.

CIU is a global university offering non-traditional, non-conventional 100% online higher education programs worldwide. Unlike traditional programs and conventional learning methods, CIU programs are only suitable for working professionals, executives and mature students. There is no class room attendance required, no athletic programs and there is no need to leave your employment. Our mode of program delivery, presentation and learning is termed as STAMP (Specially Tailored And Moderated Programs) worldwide. CIU differs from traditional universities in such a manner that there are no full-time or part-time classes, as such it does not provide traditional university campus facilities for the tuition it charges.

The effective system deployed by CIU is termed- STAMP (Specially Tailored And Moderated Programs). Under STAMP working professionals, executives and mature students learn to complete almost all the program requirements on their own. They purchase or source out the reading and course work materials (such as books, journals, periodicals, etc.) on their own. We will provide the course outline or syllables for their respective programs and guide them all the way till they complete their reports, thesis or dissertation. Exactly what you need – Precisely when you need it. Ambition is one thing. Having the right partner to realize it is another. At ciuohecampus, we are dedicated to enhancing your performance and supporting your success. The most timely delivery of the right expertise and insights in the most efficient way. When every day counts and commitment to careful coordination and flawless execution are vital, it pays to have a world-class faculty, spread over the globe, keeping you on track. All communications are by e-mail all the time and we encourage the extensive and wide usage of the internet. Once the reports (for Bachelor degree), thesis (for Master degree) or dissertation (for PhD-Doctoral degree) are completed, they are forwarded to us by e-mail. At the Columbus International University online higher education campus, we believe that with the right partnership you can achieve anything – in higher education and in life. Our aim is to be the right partner for millions worldwide. Ciuohecampus – high performance higher education.

We look at things from a different perspective – for the benefit of our students. Building on our experience and expertise to drive innovation is an approach we share with the Columbus International University students. By challenging conventional thinking we help our students realize new opportunities. We help our students realize their brainpower. All students are required to prepare a summary before they embark aggressively to do the actual course work and to be forwarded to us for approval for Bachelor degree programs and a pilot project report and literature review is required for Master and PhD (Doctoral) programs. The Bachelor degree programs usually require reports of 30,000 – 40,000 words, the Master degree thesis requires 50,000 – 60,000 words and the PhD (Doctoral) degree dissertation requires 100,000 words and above. The Bachelor degree programs will equip students with the basic research, analytical skills, self-confidence and the ability to face new challenges with a totally new horizon of knowledge acquired. The Master degree programs are meant to enhance further the student’s ability to conduct research and acquire advanced level of knowledge. Although some of our Master degree programs are stand-alone degree programs, most of our Master degree programs can be continued after a Bachelor degree. The PhD (Doctor of Philosophy) degrees we offer are acquired by demonstrating a new discovery or new methodology or a totally new area of advanced knowledge undisclosed as yet. The PhD degree is acquired after conducting very advanced research and by proving the content of the dissertation to be the original work of the student himself/herself.

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: The Columbus International University Online Higher Education Campus (ciuohecampus) is an independent entity altogether, it is not affiliated to any other Columbus International University which may be operating from any other parts of the world. The Columbus International University Online Higher Education Campus is a NON-ACCREDITED Low Cost/Low Tuition 100% Online Higher Education Provider/Institution advocating only 100% Quality Online Higher Education Programs/Courses predominantly to adults globally who didn’t complete their Higher Education due to various factors in their Life. As such all prospective adult candidates/students who wish to complete their Higher Education with the Columbus International University Online Higher Education Campus are kindly requested to go through our website thoroughly and understand our Concept and Outlook on Higher Education before proceeding further.

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