Admission Procedure


  1. Complete the Columbus International University Online Higher Education Campus Online Registration form from this website.
  2. Please attach transcripts of your college level academic works.
  3. To substitute work experience for courses required, attach documentation of your professional employment record, recommendation letters, course completion certificates, diplomas you received and any seminars, workshops, forums or training courses you have attended.
  4. If you have no university level education, enclose a copy of your high school diploma or equivalent.
  5. Provide a list of all professional journals, training manuals, textbooks and other materials related to your selected degree program, which you have read in the past 12 months.


Your application will be evaluated by the Admission Board once we receive it.
When your application is accepted by the Admission Board, the Director of Student Affairs will notify you by email.

You will also receive your tuition statement by email.


After you receive your acceptance confirmation by email, within the next 15 days you have to make the tuition payment in full or partial based on the program and the payment plan you have selected in your application.


After your payment is received, within one week the university will send you a “welcome” confirmation and your permanent student enrolment number by email.

The following week, your study guidelines related to your degree program will be emailed to you.


After you receive your study guidelines by email you will begin your studies. Our staff and faculty will start to guide you through your degree program.

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