Degree Granting Authority

The Columbus International University was founded for the purpose of providing higher education and granting of degrees to working professionals, executives and mature students who meet its graduation requirements.

The Columbus International University is a private, independent “international” university. CIU degree programs are designed for recognition of the value of adult work experience. CIU prefers to be independent and free to choose what is appropriate to teach the adults worldwide. For this reason, CIU has never applied for, nor ever used any government funds, nor does it seek for accreditation. CIU graduates are recognized for their accomplishments in business, industry, international organizations, United Nations and governments around the world.

All of the Columbus International University faculties have degrees from fine American Universities.

The Columbus International University’s degree programs are non-traditional. Just as we have requirements for acceptance of credits earned elsewhere, other universities, licensing boards and associations have their own policies concerning acceptance of college credits. These policies may differ from ours.

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