Entry Qualifications and Prerequisites

Bachelor’s Degree: An applicant must have a high school diploma or equivalent, have a minimum eight (8) years of work experience in their selected field of study and be at least 24 years of age. (If you hold an Associate degree, Professional Diploma or Certificate you can deduct six years from the work experience requirement. Therefore, you will only need to have two (2) years work experience in your chosen field of study.)

Master’s Degree: An applicant is required to have a Bachelor’s degree or must demonstrate with a paper or submit documents to support his/her bachelor’s degree level competency. He/she must have work experience of four (4) years.

PhD (Doctoral) Degree: Doctoral candidates must have five (5) years of work experience, broad knowledge in their selected field of study and a Master’s degree or must demonstrate with a paper or submit documents to support his/her master’s level competency.

All Applicants: A formula for computing compliance with the work experience requirements: For every year of traditional university education completed, an applicant may deduct four years from the work experience requirement for the degree program for which he/she is applying, provided that he/she meets the other requirements.

Unlike schools that use only grade point and testing information to make admission decision, the Columbus International University evaluates all candidates in a comprehensive manner, using both objective and subjective criteria. The Columbus International University adheres to a strict anti-discriminatory policy and admits students of any age, race, sex, color, and national/ethnic origin. Evaluation of an applicant’s ability to pursue studies at the Columbus International University are based on prior college/university credits, examinations, advanced placement scores, experiential learning and other factors that may be indicative of future academic success. Students selected for admission are those presenting the most competitive applications and who are considered most likely to be successful, contributing members of the community and to graduate from the Columbus International University. The Columbus International University makes higher education simple. No paperwork, no hidden costs, more speed (accelerated), you take total control – a constant focus.

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