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Way back in early 1997 Columbus International University (CIU) pioneered adult higher education especially for the working class people by moving away from conventional or traditional higher education mode. CIU is the pioneer of research based adult higher education provider for the working class people in the most economical manner. Since then till 2010 CIU has groomed thousands of successful graduates worldwide.

In early 1997 when CIU commenced operations, its website domain address was www.ciuniversity.edu, however back in 2007 CIU was preparing to go one step higher in adult higher education by 2010, thus in late 2007 CIU changed its website domain address to www.ciuohecampus.com to reflect 100% online adult higher education provider reflection by 2010. 2007 till 2010 was the transition period for CIU to become an online higher education campus (ciuohecampus).

Beginning from early 2010 adult working class people who wish to upgrade themselves need not attend class in the evening or weekends, they now can complete their higher education 100% online from anywhere in the world. However CIU still provides individual face to face interactions on weekend for students who require this service at an extra nominal fee.

Board & Faculty

All 16 CIU core board members and more than 110 core faculty members come from the United States. Apart from the core faculty members in the US, CIU has more than 300 faculty members worldwide to coach students on case to case basis worldwide. All CIU faculty members have graduate qualifications and almost all also provide consultancy services worldwide. It has been CIU’s policy to only retain the very exceptionally experienced, mature and fine faculty members both in the US and worldwide.



CIU has four undergraduate schools and four graduate schools as follows:

The Undergraduate Schools:

  1. School of Business & Management
  2. School of Engineering & Applied Science
  3. School of Liberal Arts, Creative Technologies & Science
  4. School of Open Programs

The Graduate Schools:

  1. Columbus Graduate School of Business & Management
  2. Graduate School of Engineering & Applied Science
  3. Graduate School of Liberal Arts, Creative Technologies & Science
  4. Graduate School of Open Programs

All the above eight schools provide more than 100 courses of study from Diploma level up to Doctorate level.

Consultative Coaching

In the greater parts of the developing world especially in South America, Eastern Europe, Africa, Middle-East Asia and Asia-Pacific we find mature students struggling to come into norm with Higher Education. This is due to lower perception and interest in upgrading themselves and their environment. This is no set back to anyone who approaches us to upgrade themselves. To apprehend this issue we introduced Consultative Coaching methods to supplement all our 100% online programs.

Any candidate who wishes to be assisted by Consultative Coaching methods may need to pay a substantial amount of extra tuition fee. Under this method our representative will come into contact at a designated place directly with the candidate at a frequency desired by the candidate depending on his or her current level of standard and intellectual ability. Our representative upon apprising and auditing the above candidate’s criteria will design a program and guide him or her to progressively advance in stages. This one-on-one, face-to-face interaction normally takes place in most of the cases at the time and location most desired by the candidate with exception to adjustments from time to time. Our representative apart from designing the course or program structure will also guide on selection of course or program materials such as books, periodicals, journals, internet search references and also moderates and presents one-on-one tutorship and full supervision until he or she completes the program successfully and graduates.

Consultative Coaching is provided for all our programs, both undergraduate as well as graduate level. South America and Eastern Europe is covered by our International Office in Panama City, Republic of Panama and Africa, Middle-East Asia and Asia-Pacific is covered by our sole affiliate Synergy Management Academy in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Should you have queries or require further information on Consultative Coaching please drop us an email at info@ciuohecampus.com or support@ciuohecampus.com


Honorary Doctorate (HON PhD)

Annually CIU confer a very nominal number (around 1 – 2 only) HON PhD to successfully established business dignitaries who deserve recognition for their contribution to their industry/sector by charging a moderate handling fee contribution.

North America, Latin America and Europe are covered by the International Office in Panama City. Africa, Middle-East Asia and Asia-Pacific are covered by our sole affiliated associate in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Synergy Management Academy. CIU uses the handling fee to provide scholarships to needy students in the above respective regions. At CIU we believe education makes one a better human, otherwise to become educated is to become more human.


Don’t be Mistaken or don’t be Confused, we are not the
British Columbus International University (www.columbusiu.co.uk)

Way back in 2005 a group of British people also formed Columbus International University in the UK and tried to operate in a similar manner to us, but unfortunately they were unable to obtain registration from the British Education Authorities. Due to their failure to obtain clearance from the UK educational authorities, they shut down their operation end of 2007. Please do not be mistaken or confused by associating CIU (Panama City) with the British Columbus International University (www.columbusiu.co.uk) which was shut down in late 2007.


Knowledge Leads to Prosperity

CIU opens doors, especially for people without formal qualifications. Conventional and traditional universities like Harvard, Yale and Cornell in the US and Oxford and Cambridge in the UK set very high entry requirement for all their courses of study. Even their tuition fee is extremely high. There are millions of students who simply cannot meet the entry requirement and tuition fee charged by the above institutions even though they are extremely bright students especially in South America, Africa and Asia-Pacific. This is the main reason why CIU advocates flexible entry requirement and charges moderate tuition fees to only cover its operating and research costs. This is also the reason why CIU did not seek any form of accreditation from any Licensed Accrediting Board or Organization in the US. Licensed Accrediting Boards or Organizations in the US set extremely high requirements and they also charge extremely high accrediting fee for their License which CIU believe is nonconforming to CIU’s higher education philosophy and policy. CIU charges extremely low moderate tuition fee (for example if a student does a Bachelors program in Harvard, he or she may end up paying more than US$100,000.00, however if he or she does it with CIU, he or she only ends up paying less than 5% of the above costs).

CIU graduates don’t perform in the same manner as before they enrolled with CIU once they graduate. All CIU graduates perform exceptionally well both at work as well as business once they graduate from CIU. The mentoring they receive from CIU faculty makes them above par than the ordinary people at work as well as in business. At the end of the day, performance and results count. One can graduate from Harvard or Oxford, however if one cannot perform and produce results, then even having a Degree with Licensed Accrediting Board or Organization endorsement or Royal Charter cannot take one very far. This is the reason why CIU did not seek any accreditation in the US or even out of the US.

CIU seek to furnish and groom students for the 21st century, thus in the 21st century there is nothing more precious than brain power, and human capital development is the prime focus of all developing as well as developed countries in the world. New discoveries in Science and Technology will continue to dominate mankind’s enlightenment and make life more meaningful. Knowledge is not static, it is dynamic, and it will continue to evolve infinitely. As per the 21st century onwards knowledge is not merely power, it is wealth, in fact, one’s prosperity depends on how knowledgeable one is. It is what one knows that counts to be wealthy in the 21st century, simply meaning knowledge leads to prosperity in the 21st century and thereafter.


Columbus High-Tech Cyber Space Non-Accredited Virtual Platform University – Ten
Reasons Why Columbus is Non-Accredited

  1. Columbus does not conduct its programs of studies in the same or similar manner to traditional or other accredited online universities.
  2. Columbus utilizes STAMP (Specially Tailored And Moderated Programs) methodology to deliver all its programs of studies, whereby every individual receives his/her program of studies according to his/her level of knowledge and ability to advance accordingly.
  3. Columbus is not a university for school leavers (high school leavers) as such some amount of work or business exposure or experience is required to undertake programs of studies conducted by Columbus.
  4. Columbus values experiential knowledge, as such credits/grades are extended to subset course work required to be covered or completed.
  5. Accrediting agencies normally require conventional or traditional method of program/course work delivery and instruction. Columbus does not conform to this requirement.
  6. Columbus focuses on individual development/advancement according to individual ability and environment.
  7. Columbus charges a very nominal tuition fee in comparison to traditional and other accredited online Universities.
  8. Columbus emphasizes on individuals interest to explore available opportunity to upgrade themselves with the acquired knowledge to advance in career or venture into business.
  9. Columbus does not believe in paying fee for accreditation since it can save that fee and charge its students a lower tuition fee.
  10. Columbus does not believe in accreditation for one final reason which is that the Diplomas or Degrees an individual holds does not matter so much as to who awarded it but it is that individual’s ability to recognize knowledge and consistently upgrade and keep up with the latest Trend and Technology which will lead him/her to prosperity. Columbus operates in North America, South/Latin America, Europe, Africa, Middle-East Asia and Asia-Pacific/Oceania to develop dynamic individuals to seek prosperity through knowledge.

Note: Our prime focus at Columbus (CIUOHECAMPUS) is to Design, Develop & Present matured adults/students who missed higher education opportunities with Programs that Equip & Enhance them with the following 12 abilities:

  1. Ability to form Opinion
  2. Ability to answer Questions
  3. Ability to Question answers
  4. Ability to make Decisions
  5. Ability to follow Decisions made
  6. Academic curiosity level
  7. General Knowledge level
  8. Industry/Sector specific Knowledge level
  9. Research ability level
  10. Innovation ability level
  11. Perception towards Knowledge upgrading
  12. Perception towards Career/Life improvement

(Assessment/Evaluation is based on 1. Experiential Learning Evaluation; 2. Project Report/Thesis/Dissertation (modular based assignments for fast-track methods/only for Selected Master Degree Programs) & 3. Assessment by Examination-Oral/Vivo for Bachelors/Masters/Doctorates)

What is so Good about Accredited Institutions-Discover the Truth below….

Executive Information

Bill Gates told Harvard, “This is not what I want”….

Steve Jobs left Reed College because it was not his cup of tea….

Albert Einstein told himself, “I will do it on my own”, and formed Olympia Academy….

Mohandas K. Gandhi (M. K. Gandhi) failed several times in University of London before completing Law and making the British Empire collapse….

Christopher Columbus told himself, “I will take the direction no one has ever taken”, and discovered Americas….

None of the above five had a Standardized mind/brain….

Let it be Harvard, MIT, Caltech, Stanford, Oxford, Cambridge or even in the East University of Melbourne, all are accredited or are with royal charter but none ever can come close to Columbus International University Online Higher Education Campus (www.ciuohecampus.com) which is non-accredited because just one link “Life is for Joy” took us twenty years of search, research and to perfect (1995-2015) and finally completed this month December 30, 2015….

The United States boasts about being top in quality education but has failed to save many precious lives, such as the one of the late Steve Jobs (one of my many close friends whom I miss)….

But certainly the United States is good….simply because she does not believe in illusion and these two past Presidents has proved it: John F. Kennedy and Ronald Reagan (these two are certainly immortals) but I am sorry to say that the current US President (2015) is merely….a waste of time and resources….

Thank you.

Gary Gandhi (M. J. Gandhi)
John D. Rockefeller Distinguished Professor of Management
Columbus Graduate School of Business & Management
Columbus International University Online Higher Education Campus

*Gary Gandhi’s (M. J. Gandhi’s) Complete Detailed Descriptive Track Record (Profile) can be Viewed in LinkedIn


We hope that this brief information has provided you with the summary of CIU, however if you wish to have full info please visit www.ciuohecampus.com, if you have free time, we believe executives of your caliber have very limited free time and this is the reason why we kept this Executive Information as brief as possible without omitting the important facts.

Finally, also for your information, our website www.ciuohecampus.com is hosted in Malaysia by Shinjiru Technology Sdn. Bhd. due to cost factor; the cost of hosting our website in Malaysia is only 10% of the cost of hosting our website in US. The cost of hosting our website in the US is 90% more expensive than hosting in Malaysia. CIU saves wherever it can save its operating cost to provide more scholarship to needy students worldwide and continue funding research. We hope you have a clear picture as to why we do not host our website in the US. At CIU we don’t hide any facts and we are a 100% transparent university.


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Columbus International University
International Office: Panama City, Republic of Panama
Nancy Oliver
April 1, 2013

Columbus International University
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Where Knowledge Leads to Prosperity
Advancing Mankind through Knowledge

Very Important Note to all Employers & Institutions: Kindly, please verify Diplomas, Degrees, Etc. of the Graduates of Columbus International University Online Higher Education Campus prior to employing or prior to admission for higher studies. Please email to validation@ciuohecampus.com Attn: Kim Kramer, Validation Officer, our response/reply time is within 48 hours or 3 days. Don’t employ or admit for higher studies graduates with Fake Diplomas, Degrees, Etc. they tarnish the value of higher education & create misery to genuine graduates/society. Thank you.

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