Graduate Testimonials

I have completed my Bachelor of Science in Human Resource Management Program report and it has been very stimulating and motivating.
Robert Schlaich, Austria


I think this Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering Program has benefited my career more. I’ve now got a much clearer idea about what it is all about. I also have a much greater understanding of the subject matter in general.
Louis Lopez Foxton, South Africa


Another big aspect of learning was knowing how to deal with the different types of modules in the MBA Program. Overall, I’ve learned plenty from this program but the one thing that comes out the most is now having the confidence and ability to tackle a wide range of issues.
Shanmugasundram, Malaysia


Apart from being pleased for being employed by a reputable organization, I was also able to secure a senior position with my MBA. The experience and the confidence that I gained and built during the study of this program have further refined my managerial skills. This MBA is no ordinary MBA, it is an excellent MBA Program.
Rajiv Rakesh Dass, India


I am pleased to let you know that I have completed my thesis for the Master of Science in Petroleum Engineering, this became possible through the encouragement and support I received from CIU and your feedback. The past twelve months has brought tremendous changes in my lifestyle and has open a great new avenue of opportunities for my career advancement.
Mohammed Saleh Mustafa, United Arab Emirates


Already I have changed my employment although I have only completed three quarter of my Bachelor of Science in Electronics and Communication Engineering Program. The knowledge that I am receiving is up to-date and has equipped me with the latest development and changes in the market place.
Andrew Kielnhofer, Greece


Many thanks to your valuable support and assistant on the course work, and I have submitted my thesis by email and hope to receive your remarks as soon as possible. Although I am yet to receive my Master of Science in Project Planning and Development Project Analysis Degree and other graduation documents, I have already attended several interviews and in the midst of changing my career.
Mary Jane Parker, Canada


You certainly pointed out the mistakes in my pre-report. I have to admit that all your criticism was constructive and justify. Although I have reached the final report of the Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Engineering I have no problems accepting your criticism. I am glad I have enrolled with the right university and I am receiving the right assistance.
Dina Kritoniene, Serbia & Montenegro


Since completing the dissertation for the PhD Program, I have started looking for teaching opportunities around the neighbor-hood and I found a few opportunities to teach undergraduate and graduate students. Your timely dispatching of the graduation documents which was within eight weeks has been a great help. This program has been stimulating and extraordinarily high in standard.
Khalid Mohamed, Pakistan


Most thought-provoking, and I immensely enjoyed the Doctor of Philosophy in Education Program.
Monica Dell Alvarez, Argentina


Many thanks for your contributions, suggestions, corrections, recommendations and encouragements. Remarkably the Bachelor of Art in Mass Communications Program is really a great deal of knowledge.
Monica Nabhan, Syria


Thanks for all the feedback you have given me over the past 12 months. I find it very valuable. I enjoyed the MBA Program, and find it especially beneficial in my current job as a Vice President.
James V. Campbell, Canada


I thoroughly enjoyed doing the thesis, thus, far and I trust as time unfolds my managerial skills will improve. The MBA has been a typical example of real life situations.
Veronica Asta Likenye, Ghana

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