Honorary Recipients

The Columbus International University Online Higher Education Campus (CIUOHECAMPUS) since 1997 till the present time (2021) have only conferred the Honorary Doctorate (HON PhD) Honoris Causa to selected candidates who have contributed to their specific sector/industry and have attained competence in their profession over a period of 15-30 years. All recipients of this Honor since its inception in 1977 are listed below:

  1. John William Xavier
    HON PhD (Hospitality & Catering Science/Food & Beverage Science)
  2. Devanand Subramaniam
    HON PhD (Training and Development)
  3. Jeya Kumar Varathan
    HON PhD (Transportation Engineering/Locomotive Engineering Technology)
  4. Janson Ang Chee Wee
    HON PhD (Cooling Technology)
  5. Vallaipan Perumal
    HON PhD (Building Services Engineering)
  6. Chai Fook Chong
    HON PhD (Water Heating Technology)
  7. Krishan Singh Jeswant Singh
    HON PhD (Insurance and Risk Management)
  8. Veerasundar Arumugam
    HON PhD (Fire & Safety Engineering Technology)
  9. Abdul Malik Alias @ Mat Rasol
    HON PhD (Oil & Gas Engineering/Engineering Project Management)
  10. B. Soundarajan
    HON PhD (Electrical Engineering/Generation Transmission and Distribution of Electrical Energy)
  11. David T. Anthonysamy
    HON PhD (Finance/Analytical Systematic Finance)

NOTE: The above candidates are the only candidates who have been conferred the Honorary Doctorate (HON PhD) Honoris Causa since 1997 till the present time (2021). Should anyone else claim to have obtained this award kindly verify its authenticity with our registrar by email at: nancyoliver@ciuohecampus.com

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