MBA’s/Masters Promotion

MBA’s/Masters Promotion

Discover Columbus….
Columbus International University
Online Higher Education Campus

Discover the Power of the Top Notch Columbus MBA and MS….
the Power that Can Change Your Total Life Style Permanently

MBA in Analytics (Business Process Improvement)
MBA in Analytics (Health Care Improvement)
MBA in Corporate Communication
MBA in Customer Relationship Management
MBA in Engineering Business Management
MBA in Engineering Project Management
MBA in Fashion Design
MBA in Public Relations
MS in Engineering Business Management
MS in Systematic Analytical Finance

All the above Programs Course Works are delivered 100% Online; as such no class attendance is necessary

To discover complete details about the Columbus International University Online Higher Education Campus 10 Specialized Masters Programs please go through thoroughly the link Specialized MBA’s/Masters 
in this website

Now for a limited period of time, we offer the above Masters Programs for a discounted tuition fee of US$3,000.00 (RM12,000.00) per Master Program (our usual standard tuition fee is US$8,950.00) now for a limited period of time we offer our Master Programs at US$3,000.00 (RM12,000.00), please take note that this offer is a time sensitive offer and only valid from January 1, 2020 to December 31, 2022.

To enroll under this offer scheme please Email to:

What is so Good about Accredited Institutions-Discover the Truth below….

MBA’s/Masters Promotion

Bill Gates told Harvard, “This is not what I want”….

Steve Jobs left Reed College because it was not his cup of tea….

Albert Einstein told himself, “I will do it on my own”, and formed Olympia Academy….

Mohandas K. Gandhi (M. K. Gandhi) failed several times in University of London before completing Law and making the British Empire collapse….

Christopher Columbus told himself, “I will take the direction no one has ever taken”, and discovered Americas….

None of the above five had a Standardized mind/brain….

Let it be Harvard, MIT, Caltech, Stanford, Oxford, Cambridge or even in the East University of Melbourne, all are accredited or are with royal charter but none ever can come close to Columbus International University Online Higher Education Campus ( which is non-accredited because just one link “Life is for Joy” took us twenty years of search, research and to perfect (1995-2015) and finally completed this month December 30, 2015….

The United States boasts about being top in quality education but has failed to save many precious lives, such as the one of the late Steve Jobs (one of my many close friends whom I miss)….

But certainly the United States is good….simply because she does not believe in illusion and these two past Presidents has proved it: John F. Kennedy and Ronald Reagan (these two are certainly immortals) but I am sorry to say that the current US President (2015) is merely….a waste of time and resources….

Thank you.

Gary Gandhi (M. J. Gandhi)
John D. Rockefeller Distinguished Professor of Management
Columbus Graduate School of Business & Management
Columbus International University Online Higher Education Campus

*Gary Gandhi’s (M. J. Gandhi’s) Complete Detailed Descriptive Track Record (Profile) can be Viewed in LinkedIn

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