Columbus Graduate School of Business & Management

Offers Masters, Master of Arts, Master of Science, Doctor of Philosophy and other Doctoral Degree Programs in the following disciplines:
  1. MBA
  2. MBA e-Business
  3. MBA Banking
  4. MBA Finance
  5. MBA International Banking and Finance
  6. MBA International Business
  7. MBA Hospitality
  8. MBA Marketing
  9. MBA Leading People for Competitive Advantage
  10. MBA Retail
  11. MBA Strategic Management
  12. MBA Tourism
  13. MS International Financial Economics
  14. MS Business and Management
  15. MS e-Business and Management
  16. MS Entrepreneurship and Business Management
  17. MS Finance and Business Management
  18. MS International Finance and Banking
  19. MS International Business and Management
  20. MS Industrial Environment Management
  21. MS Logistics and Business Management
  22. MA/PhD Accounting
  23. MS/PhD Economics
  24. MS/PhD Finance
  25. MS/PhD Management Science
  26. MS/PhD Strategy and Management
  27. MS Management
  28. MS Financial Services Management
  29. MS Health Care Management
  30. MS Human Resource Management
  31. MS International Hotel Management
  32. MS International Marketing Management
  33. MS International Retail Marketing
  34. MS Management Information Systems
  35. MS Marketing Management
  36. MS Retail Management
  37. MS Technology Management
  38. MS Tourism Development
  39. MS Tourism Management
  40. MS Tourism Marketing
  41. MS Financial Economics
  42. MS Macroeconomic Policy and Financial Markets
  43. MS International Trade, Finance and Development
  44. MS Global Finance
  45. MS Science and Technology Commercialization
  46. MS Development Economics
  47. MS International Economics
  48. MS Economic Policy
  49. MS Management Research
  50. MS Economics of Science and Innovation
  51. MS Competition and Market Regulation
  52. M in Insurance and Risk Management
  53. MS Financial Engineering
  54. MS Construction Management
  55. MS Project Management
  56. Doctor of Business Administration
  57. MS Investments
  58. MS Energy, Natural Resources and the Environment
  59. MS Money, Banking and Finance
  60. MS Project Planning and Development Project Analysis
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