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What are the benefits of Online Higher Education Programs?
A significant benefit from many online higher education programs is flexibility. Online higher education programs enable students to take classes or work on a degree without sacrificing their job or family commitments. They also can benefit those who need timely training or would learn better without the rigid structure of a traditional university program.

Does the Online Higher Education Program affect the quality of my degree?
Our graduates continue to be the best validation of the effectiveness of our degree programs, rating their knowledge and skills superior of their peers who have a similar degree earned in a traditional setting. Many large corporations have accepted our degrees and provide financial support to our students. Employers, in particular, have been enthusiastic to learn that a degree program can be tailored to integrate the student’s professional needs.

How good is the faculty and are the Columbus International University Online Higher Education Campus degrees respected around the world?
The Columbus International University Online Higher Education Campus was founded for the purpose of providing higher education online and granting degrees to students who meet its graduation requirements. Since then we have had thousands of graduates! CIU graduates are recognized for their accomplishments in business, industry, international organizations, United Nations and governments around the world! That is the best proof of respect and recognition of a Columbus International University Online Higher Education Campus degree.

Can I complete the degree program 100% online?
Yes. You can complete a degree program, from the start to the finish, entirely online. At the online higher education campus, there is no need ever to set foot on a campus so long as you are able to meet the requirements for the courses that comprises the program of studies for your degree. An increasingly large number of students are completing their degree programs without ever travelling from their home country. Of course, a degree completed online is exactly the same as a degree completed through on-campus instruction, from the subject matter and assignment covered, to the wording on the degree scroll itself.

Will CIU accept relevant work experience and external courses/training as credit towards a degree or diploma program?
Yes. You can receive course credits towards your degree for a wide variety of life and work experience, including professional experience, trainings, seminars, workshops and forums. The Columbus International University Online Higher Education Campus will evaluate all relevant experience and/or training and may award you credit toward your ultimate degree goal. The policy of the Columbus International University is to reward students for real-world experience, as that is of primary importance to employers at the turn of the 21st century. Thus, students may challenge any course for which they believe themselves to have sufficient work experience with the subject matter to qualify for exemption, or for which prior training has been accomplished.

How is a degree earned through online different from a degree earned through classroom attendance?
There is no difference. The Columbus International University contends that how a student studies and earns his/her degree or diploma is irrelevant.

Does the degree indicate that it was earned through Online Higher Education?
No, it does not. The Columbus International University issues a standard degree or diploma, irrelevant whether you complete your degree in a classroom setting or online.

How long will I take to complete my degree?
This depends on your motivation and discipline since you study at your own pace. The average student takes approximately twelve months to complete his/her degree (extension of time to complete your degree is given with regards to the level stated in the Duration of Study Programs).

Can I transfer my credit from the Columbus International University Online Higher Education Campus to another University?
Transferring credit from online higher education providers to traditional campus-based universities is sometimes difficult. Please check with the institutions you are interested in for their acceptance requirements.

Do corporations accept the Columbus International University Online Higher Education Campus degrees?
Almost 20% of our students have their tuition fees paid by their corporations, including Fortune 500 corporations, governments, small business and more. Check with your human resource department prior to enrolling, as any tuition reimbursement depends upon the individual corporation.

What is the next step?
Please complete the online registration form on this website and attach your transcripts, certificates, diplomas, degrees, etc. We will evaluate your application and get back to you as soon as possible (normally within a week). There is no need to submit any payment at this juncture, all payments are to be made after you have been successfully admitted.

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