STAMP – How Does it Work?

STAMP is a system of online higher education developed by CIU over the decade to cater for working professionals, executives and mature students who are unable to attend conventional learning programs in the traditional universities without missing the zest of conventional learning. In this method, students are not tested for their memory ability. STAMP develops transferable skills such as desired attitudinal traits, communication and inter-personal skills to display artistic and technological sophistication and to cultivate social and personal maturity by the time the student completes his/her course of study with CIU. While the student is enrolled with CIU he/she will gain a number of practical skills which are useful in any discipline such as how to use email, type reports, build a database and use the internet effectively. Students will also learn how to sift through vast quantities of detailed information quickly and to present the important points in a concise and straightforward manner. As students progress through the study program they will gain other supplementary skills that will prove invaluable in any future working environment, which includes learning how to learn effectively, self-motivation, assertiveness, time management, meeting deadlines, problem solving, analysis, synthesis, discrimination, judgment and logical and reasoned thinking. We foresee, as well as every professional and executive knows that at some stage of their career they have to lead and must make decisions independently, let it be in the corporate world or while doing their own business. This is what STAMP is all about, exposing working professionals, executives and mature students to the real world perils rather than just building academic strengths and applying knowledge acquired from reading. STAMP is CIU’s generic to develop soundness in thought for daily professional and business practice. Although highly demanding and rigorous, STAMP is flexible enough to cater for tight working schedules for all levels of working professionals, executives and mature students. We think customized programs. It’s a tradition based on analyzing both your specific needs and the international markets to identify future opportunities for you. By creating customized programs ideally suited to your particular goals, we can help you get wherever you want to go.

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