The Columbus International University Online Higher Education Campus does not charge by the credit hour or per course. Instead, there is a single “fixed tuition” for each degree program or programs.

The tuition is payable in one payment or three split installments. Please email us for further information should you need assistance with regards to tuition payment.

Tuition Payment Plans

Bachelor Degree Programs

Full Payment ———————————– US$5,950.00
Three Split Payment —————————- US$5,950.00
(US$2,000.00 + US$2,000.00 + US$1,950.00)

Master Degree Programs

Full Payment ———————————– US$8,950.00
Three Split Payment —————————- US$8,950.00
(US$3,000.00 + US$3,000.00 + US$2,950.00)

PhD & Doctoral Degree Programs

Full Payment ———————————– US$11,950.00
Three Split Payment —————————- US$11,950.00
(US$4,000.00 + US$4,000.00 + US$3,950.00)

Combination of Bachelor & Master Degree Programs

Full Payment ———————————– US$13,900.00
Three Split Payment —————————- US$13,900.00
(US$5,000.00 + US$5,000.00 + US$3,900.00)

Combination of Master & PhD (Doctoral) Degree Programs

Full Payment ———————————– US$19,900.00
Three Split Payment —————————- US$19,900.00
(US$7,000.00 + US$7,000.00 + US$5,900.00)


NOTE: The three split payments for all programs must be paid within a period of one year and the first installment must be paid within the first15 days of acceptance, however full payments must be paid within 15 days of acceptance in order to hold the student a place in the desired cohort.

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