Why Choose CIU

Why Choose Columbus International University Online Higher Education Campus?

  1. Recognition of self-taught learning and of skills acquired through on the-job experience, training, seminars, workshops and forums.
  2. Recognized as one of the world’s best MBA programs by senior executives.
  3. The Columbus International University individualized degree programs are among the least expensive available anywhere in North America and around the world.
  4. Tuition payment plans are among the most flexible of any school in North America or abroad.
  5. No other school offers as far ranging a scope of individualized non-residential online higher education programs.
  6. CIU offers, if requested, a “student generated curriculum” wherein the student designs his/her own program of studies (degree and major subject).
  7. No residential classes, seminars, or campus visits are required.
  8. CIU’s online higher education programs are among the most unique, most flexible, creative and individualized programs in existence. We offer highly innovative solutions not available in most institutions. This is a result of our non-traditional nature and philosophy.
  9. No GMAT is required to enroll into the MBA and other business & management graduate programs.
  10. CIU is completely non-residential. No formal classroom, no re-learning material you already know, no unnecessary studies unrelated to you or your degree.
  11. No unreasonable entrance requirements such as entrance exams or a certain grade point average.
  12. Graduates receive the benefits of life-long membership in the CIU Alumni Association.
  13. Credits may be granted to those who have self-taught related skills, related work experience, formal educational, and/or business experience. The University uses guidelines set up by the Council for Adult and Experiential Learning (CAEL) in evaluating experiential learning for university credit.
  14. CIU accepts transfer credits from other universities or institutions of higher learning. If you have credits from another school these are generally all transferable to your degree program with us.
  15. The research project is your way of demonstrating your proficiency in your chosen field of study. It is very flexible and could take the form of a report, traditional thesis/dissertation, or the student can create something of his/her choosing.
  16. Your extensive work experience, specialized training received and professional knowledge in your field eliminates the need for core materials. Academic enrichment and effectiveness are attained through exposure to select readings, current developments in your field of study and research projects. All degree programs are designed to sharpen your communication skills as well as creativity and provide you with up-to-date information in your field of study.
  17. CIU Online Higher Education Campus targets the substantive areas of the traditional university curriculum that will compliment students’ specialized training and work place achievements and sharpen his/her communication skills.
  18. Let’s face it, in many fields United States is the leader of the world. Education is one of them! Most prestigious degrees, respected around the world are earned from United States Universities. A Columbus International University Online Higher Education Campus degree compared to a European degree or a local degree, can give you the edge you need for your future success.
  19. All of the Columbus International University Online Higher Education Campus faculties have degrees from fine universities in the United States and around the world. These outstanding faculties will teach you the skills, the knowledge and self confidence you need to advance in your career and prosper in your life.
  20. The Columbus International University Online Higher Education Campus tuition fee is a fraction of the cost of classroom universities. Your tuition payment at CIU does not go to cover the expenses of classrooms, lawns, gymnasiums, libraries, sports programs and the maintenance staff. At CIU, your tuition will benefit you directly.
  21. The graduates of the Columbus International University Online Higher Education Campus work for some of the largest firms, organizations and governments around the world. CIU graduates are recognized for their accomplishments in business, industry, international organizations, United Nations and governments. Today we live in a “global village” where jobs and businesses are increasingly dependent on “international connections”. Earning a degree from the Columbus International University Online Higher Education Campus with alumni around the world can open doors for you.

Upon completion of degree requirements as well as payment of tuition in full, you will be awarded your degree, at which time the University will send your degree scroll and transcript.

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